For the third and final episode in the Feminism and Sobriety series, I spoke with Jocellyn Harvey, author of Recovering the Home. Jocellyn’s sobriety story led her to a place where she felt the need to recover not only her body and her mind, but also her living space. She developed a four-part framework for women who want to clear their homes of the energy created by their drinking and replace it with a safe, nurturing environment where they can feel comfortable and relaxed without alcohol. 

Jocellyn is inspiring for many reasons, but one of the biggest things I took away from our conversation was how committed she is to resisting perfectionism and giving herself grace. Listen and learn about how she overcome not only her problem drinking, but also the endless cycle of feeling like we’re never doing enough. (Music by Ava Luna, Loyalty Freak Music, Gradient, Borrtex, Stanley Gurvich, Monako, and Katrina Stone)

Stuff We Talked About on This Episode