We are kicking off 2020 with a guest I have wanted to interview forever: Holly Whitaker, founder of Tempest Sobriety School and author of the fabulous new book Quit Like a Woman. If you’ve ever questioned your relationship with drinking or you're thinking about making a change for 2020, this episode is a MUST LISTEN.

Today's topic is particularly personal. This is the first in a three-episode series about feminism and sobriety that I wanted to do, in part, to create some space to talk about my own recovery and to come out as a sober person and what that means as a feminist. (Have questions? Let’s talk!)

Holly dropped so many mind bombs in this interview, it was almost impossible to edit. We talked about her story, why she tried and then left AA, and the origins of Tempest. We also dug into why our recovery culture needs a feminist overhaul and what it really means to “quit like a woman.” (Music by Ava Luna, Loyalty Freak Music, Katrina Stone, Rew, Space Doves, Borrtex, and Josh Leake.)

Stuff We Talked About on This Episode

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