If you clicked on this podcast, chances are you know aaallll about the downside of drinking—the anxiety, damage to your body, lost days, lost relationships. And, yeah, it’s important to remember that stuff. 

But we're two sober movement teachers and coaches who wanted to create a podcast that goes beyond the downside of drinking and explores the upside of sobriety—and why ditching alcohol is so much more than just liberating yourself from hangovers (although that’s pretty good, too!). 

For example, did you know that quitting drinking can lead to better and more powerful orgasms? And that the better your liver functions the more glowing and gorgeous your skin looks? It’s true! We’re going to talk about all of that, as well as work, holidays, spirituality, productivity, relationships, social justice, and many other topics. Plus, every episode, we'll bring you a big sober energy tip and a guided meditation or movement sequence tailored especially for people in recovery. 

So, if you’re sober or considering a zero-proof lifestyle, be sure to follow and subscribe to the Hangover Liberation Society wherever you get your podcasts. Cheers to you and your liberation!