Finding it hard to remember the days before COVID hijacked the world? Me too. So, for this episode, I went into the archives and took a trip down memory lane, unearthing some memorable moments from some of my favorite interviews. I chose three guests who all talked about their incredible passion projects and how their work—whether as writers, performers, or teachers—furthers their vision for collective liberation. You’ll hear from two podcasters, Jana Schmieding of Woman of Size and Amelia Hruby of Fifty Feminist States, as well as anti-bias anti-racist educator and writer Liz Kleinrock. It’s a highlight reel of inspiration designed to lift you up if the coronavirus (and the surrounding ocean of bullsh*t) has got you down. 

### Stuff We Talked About on This Episode

* [Woman of Size podcast](

* [Teach and Transform](

* [Fifty Feminist States](

* [Monochrome Candles](