Yep, we’re still inside. Is anyone else scraping the bottom of their self-care toolkit? 

If virtual happy hour and Tiger King aren’t cutting it anymore, you need this episode. The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on our mental health, especially for the millions of people in this country who suffer from mental illness or have a history of sexual trauma. My guests this week are two mental health providers who each have unique and helpful resources to share. 

Stephanie James, host of The Spark podcast, joined me to talk about techniques she uses to help her clients stay grounded. She also extends an invitation to a free online summit for survivors of sexual abuse seeking to reclaim their power. Alexandra Pajak provided mental health services in the prison system for a decade, and has composed a gorgeous album of music inspired by mental illness and recovery from trauma. Sample a few tracks and then buy the album; all proceeds go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)

Stuff We Talked About on This Episode