Shannon Curtis has been making music for 25 years—first, as the front-woman for a Christian-lite rock band in her twenties while a pastor’s wife, then as a chanteuse divorcée composing broken-hearted love songs after leaving both her marriage and her religion.

In the last decade—as a result of constant house concert touring—Shannon developed both a passionate underground following and also an album-based songwriting style, centered around taking her audiences on intentional journeys of personal growth, connection, and healing.

This remains true on her new 80s-inspired synthpop album, Good to Me, the animating questions behind which are: how will empathetic people survive the troubles of this time? And how we can rescue our overburdened spirits from overlapping disasters such as rising fascism and climate collapse?

Shannon offers Good to Me as both a soundtrack and rallying cry for every person who knows that healing ourselves is the first step in healing the world.

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Music by Shannon Curtis from her album, "Good to Me". Hosted by Sarah Monares. Produced by Chris Lanphear for Loudspeaker Studios.

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