The community gathers for the funeral of Abraham Crow, where Elizabeth Crow mourns her late husband. Orlando Waters, a friend of the family, offers condolences but is aware of the strained relationship between Abraham and his daughter, Allyson. Elizabeth confides in Orlando about Allyson's true parentage, revealing that Max, not Abraham, is Allyson's biological father.

Allyson arrives at the funeral and shares a tender moment with her father's grave, only to witness his sudden death from a stab wound. In his final moments, Abraham confesses to Allyson that he made a deal with Ambrose Royce, exchanging Max's death for Allyson's Riftwalking abilities. Shocked and heartbroken, Allyson grapples with her father's betrayal and struggles to find forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Mikayla, Allyson's friend, reveals to Roon, a mystical figure, her allegiance to the Tenexor, a group opposed to Riftwalkers. Mikayla's beliefs clash with Allyson's, leading to a heated confrontation where Mikayla defends her choices, claiming to have found purpose with the Tenexor. The rift between them deepens as they face each other's conflicting ideologies.