In the thrilling finale of "Portals," Allison, Orlando, and their companions face the ultimate showdown with Solomon Keys, who seeks to unleash the destructive power of the negation matrix upon all realities. With the guidance of Ambrose Royce, Allison learns that the key to stopping the matrix lies in destroying the portals that connect the worlds. Despite the risks, Allison bravely ventures into the rift to close off the portals, ultimately separating the realities and containing the matrix within a single realm.

As the portals are destroyed, Allison confronts the heartbreaking choice between saving all realities and rescuing Orlando, who is at risk of being consumed by the matrix's power. In a moment of self-realization and acceptance of her role as the draconis, Allison closes the portals, sealing the matrix but also potentially sacrificing Orlando in the process.

In the aftermath, reality is saved, but Orlando is lost, leaving Allison and her companions to grapple with the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, Ambrose Royce reveals his true intentions to regain control over the portals and establish his dominion over all creation. With the stage set for a new order to rise, Allison and her allies must face the challenges ahead, knowing that the battle for the fate of the multiverse is far from over.