Struggling musician Irvin Masters receives a package from his aunt Thalia that may change his reality as he knows it.

Directed by Toni Alexander

Sound Engineering by Emarit Ranu

Major Arcana Writing Team: Laura Arbury, Jack Baumgardner, Jill Garroway, Kate Hawthorne, Brian Hughes, Dave Robison, Teri Robison, Morgan Taylor, Roy Thompson, Carol Van Natta, Bob Weber


Linda Adam-Hall as Abby Roades

Ailie Holland as Kelly and Amy

Heath Howes as Irvin

Matthew Korda as Michaels

Sam Piccone as Gabe Vine

Becky Weaver as Thalia

Gena as Zerlan

Judith Allen as The Narrator

Major Arcana is a collection of original short stories inspired by the archetypal themes and concepts of the mystical Tarot. Each of the 12 full-cast audio dramas gathered in this collection is a unique tale woven from the joys and challenges we all face on our journey of life. Drawing together the brightest and darkest threads of our awareness, the stories of Major Arcana create a rich and engaging audio experience.

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