It's time for Allison's big thesis showing of her artwork. After helping Orlando up the stairs with all his music gear, she pitches the idea of sponsoring a a concert featuring Orlando's music. Orlando is hesitant (he's never played anything bigger than a nite club) but Allison is insistent.

Allison's mother, Elizabeth, arrives and Allison is surprised and delighted to see her. She's not surprised her father didn't make it and we learn that Allison recently changed her name from "Crowe" to "Drake", Elizabeth's maiden name. This is a sore point for her father, Abraham, who is very conservative in his thinking. Apparently, her father grew up in a cult of some kind and had to adapt life after the cult disbanded.

Elizabeth admires the location Allie has chosen for her show and learns that Allison fixed it up herself using her inheritance from Uncle Max. The death of Max (Abraham's brother) comes as a devastating shock to Elizabeth and she sends Allie off to mingle while she collects herself.

Barnaby sees Elizabeth and greets her warmly only to receive a slap on the face from the grieving woman. Barnaby is flustered and tries to fumble through an explanation but is distracted by the site of Calaban mingling with the guests. He abruptly excuses himself and confronts the agent of Ambrose Royce.

During their heated exchange, Calaban alludes to a "surprise" that's in store for later, then leaves Barnaby sputtering.

Allison greets her faculty advisor, Mrs. Danforth, and receives a chilly greeting. Danforth admires Allison's technical skill but urges her to "grow up" and paint grown up things.

Solomon Keys rifts in and offers congratulations to Allison. He also reminds her that, as the patriarch of the powerful church of New Eden, he is in a position to assist Allie in her newly discovered abilities. "You are not alone," he informs her, a point of great comfort for the beleaguered young woman.

Then, while Allison is in the restroom, three Ten'ek Soor appear and begin to ransack the gallery looking for her. Mikayla steps in but is seriously wounded by the fierce warriors. They find Allison and are about to kill her when Solomon Keys intervenes, rifting in a squad of "Shadow Guard", New Eden's elite soldiers. Out-manned, the Ten'ek Soor depart after a terse exchange with Father Keys. The holy man then mystically heals Mikayla and departs, urging Allison to visit him soon.

Later, at the coffee shop, Barnaby is pressed for information from the group. According to Barnaby, the Ten'ek Soor and the church of New Eden have very different views of the omniverse. The Ten'ek Soor believe the scattered realities are part of a divine plan, while the New Eden faith seeks to somehow mend the breach and unify all the realities and the people that inhabit them.

It is also revealed that Barnaby used to work for Royce and was replaced by Calaban. He is hesitant to discuss the details of his departure, saying only that his "loyalty became compromised". Barnaby cautions everyone that Royce is not to be trusted.

The episode ends with Allison receiving a phone call from Mrs. Danforth who is furious at the "Performance Art" presentation at Allison's showing. There's talk of having her expelled from the program, and Allison and Orlando leave to try and fix things.


The fantasy-adventure saga of Portals follows the fortunes of Allison Drake, a young artist who inherits a self-storage garage business and discovers that each unit is a doorway to a different reality. Allison and her friends are quickly drawn into a web of wonders and dangers with the fate of all realities hanging in the balance. Fascinating and strikingly original, Portals offers listeners a lush audio portrait of characters on a heroic journey of intrigue and adventure.

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