Allison confronts Solomon Keys, who reveals his grand plan to use her to unleash a negation matrix that would destroy all realities. Kees believes he is on a divine mission to create a new Eden by wiping out the corruption of the universe. He recounts his centuries-long journey, including his encounter with a divine source of creation. However, Allison refuses to cooperate, realizing the destructive consequences of Keys' plan.

Meanwhile, Mikayla, manipulated by Keys, attempts to kill Allison but ultimately chooses to spare her. Despite Mikayla's apology, Allison decides to end their friendship, recognizing that Mikayla's actions have been harmful. The Tenek' Soor and Shadow Guards clash, resulting in casualties on both sides. Uncle Max reappears, revealing the imminent danger posed by Keys' plan.

With time running out, the group realizes they need Ambrose Royce's expertise in navigating realities to stop Kees. Despite the risks, they plan to seek out Royce for help in thwarting Keys' destructive scheme. As tensions rise and the stakes grow higher, Allison and her allies must act quickly to prevent the catastrophic consequences of Keys' actions.