Come listen as we chat with Yee Campbell, Founder of the Young Men’s Service League - Fort Collins Chapter.

Listen to the story of how Yee brought the first chapter in Colorado to life from an incredible national non-profit organization and her vision to serve in the community, provide opportunities for other mother-son relationships, and to watch her own son thrive in leadership, education, and philanthropy.

Young Men’s Service League is a 4-year program for moms and their high school sons to serve together and impact their local communities. YMSL believes that not every important lesson is learned in the classroom. Getting out into the community in order to serve and learn from others offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to last a lifetime. YMSL provides moms and sons opportunities to develop, practice, and enhance leadership skills.

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Hosted by Dr. Natalie Phillips. Produced by Chris Lanphear for Loudspeaker.
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