After the fight with the Tenīek Soor (episode 1 - "Inheritance"), Barnaby explains to Allison, Mikayla and Orlando, about the nature of reality... and Allisonīs unique place within it. According to Barnaby, the universe is comprised of infinite realities separated by a mysterious "rift". Allisonīs inherent ability as a "riftwalker" gives her the power to travel between those realities. The group is dubious and Mikayla presses Barnaby for a demonstration.

Meanwhile, Calaban reports to Ambrose Royce, who is revelling his most recent acquisition - a Lemirian executionerīs blade he has waited 800 years to possess. Calaban reveals that Allison was attacked by a Tenīek Soor warrior and that he was able to thwart the attack but not without being seen by everyone at the U-Stor-It. Royce adopts a patient attitude, content (for the moment) to see what unfolds.

Barnaby leads Allison and her friends to a storage garage... apparently the U-Stor-It facility is the location of numerous Portals to other realities. During the portal crossing, Allison hears an echoing voice calling her name just before everyone appears in Sabraya - the Crossroads of Reality. Barnaby describes the nature of portals - realities are attracted to each other and form points where they coexist, allowing informed travels to simply cross from one to the other.

Allison seems to have no problem speaking the local language, an idiosyncracy of riftwalkers... their connection to the all-encompassing rift allows her to hear the meaning behind everything she hears.

As they wander the market of Sabraya, Allison and Barnaby discuss Max. Allison is upset that Max knew she was a riftwalker but didnīt tell her. Barnaby points out that Allisonīs problems with her father made such a startling revelation inappropriate.

Orlandoīs concern for Allieīs emotional well-being are put to rest by Mikayla. Years ago, Mikayla was in therapy after an abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend and was pulled through by Allisonīs commitment and stability. Mikayla asserts that thereīs a lot more to Allison than meets the eye.

Orlando finds a Fire Harp in the market and is miraculously showered in flower petals while playing the instrument. He is then given the harp by Solomon Keys, high priest of the Order of New Eden, as a gesture of appreciation for Orlandoīs talents. Keys extends the hospitality of the New Eden temple to the amazed friends before taking his leave.

The episode ends with Allison resolving to find the Tenīek Soor and learn why they want her dead.


The fantasy-adventure saga of Portals follows the fortunes of Allison Drake, a young artist who inherits a self-storage garage business and discovers that each unit is a doorway to a different reality. Allison and her friends are quickly drawn into a web of wonders and dangers with the fate of all realities hanging in the balance. Fascinating and strikingly original, Portals offers listeners a lush audio portrait of characters on a heroic journey of intrigue and adventure.

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