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A note from KevKat: Out of pure concern of sounding like a dick, I just want to clarify that I do not mean that some actions do not carry the consequence of never being excusable. And I do not mean that any victim has to forgive their abuser, or let them into their lives. This is purely based off of people correcting toxic behaviors that may have resulted from their upbringing or time, In which these behaviors were generally okay. I am in no way excusing those behaviors or writing them off as a "products of their time". I'm trying to say people make mistakes, people fuck up, and people say bad shit when they think it's okay, and once they learn that their behaviors are problematic and are given the chance to grow, if they choose to do so they should be acknowledged for that growth. As I say in the show, if you want further clarification please message me on Instagram or Twitter and I will be happy to provide!