On a very special episode of Connecting A Better World, Natalie chats with her friend and fellow podcaster Sarah Monares. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Monares Collective LLC and The We Spot, an online community designed to be “your go-to spot for learning, growth, encouragement, inspiration, authenticity, and connection”.

Sarah is also the host of The We Podcast, a new program that just recently joined the Loudspeaker family. Sarah and Natalie discuss the podcast, their friendship, and Sarah's desire to tell stories about "the things that people are afraid to talk about."

The We Podcast premieres on the Loudspeaker One live radio stream on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 9pm ET/6pm PT, with podcasts drops on Tuesday mornings. The We Podcast is a production of Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Networks.

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