Host, Howling @ The Moon (she/her)

Like the haunting song of the wolf’s primal howl, Wolfess enchants crowds on and off the dance floor with her magical music. Wolfess has a diverse musical background and palette that is reflected in the diversity of her performance styles. She curates customized musical experiences to enhance each event she performs at. It might be a rhythmic collection of global sounds woven together, creating a tapestry of electronic music with a bassy backbone and organic elements reminiscent of tropical house with a Celtic twist that hints at both her island and Irish heritage. Or perhaps a combination of tribal beats and orchestral melodies flowing into a river of shining sounds.

She uses her experience as a classical musician to amplify her productions with acoustic elements such as harp, flute, and violin and often adds these live instrumentals to her sets; her background as a jazz musician lends itself to on-stage improvisation. When it’s time to really get down and party hard, she loves nothing more than to slap a crowd in the face with her bass droppin’ booty poppin’ tech and G-house headliner sets.

A Hawaii-born local and daughter of two Hawaii Symphony musicians, Wolfess found her love of music and performing at a young age. Wolfess’ experience performing grew into various kinds of expression in the arts beyond music- from aerial performance to fire dance, and fuels her onstage presence as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser yet unpredictable and never repeatable DJ. She believes through music, everyone can heal something from inside via the movement and the magic of dance, connection, and the body.

A DJ as irresistible as the bassy beats she drops, Wolfess is the gem of any night in the electronic scene of Honolulu and beyond. Meghan is a music producer, professional fire dancer, doctor of veterinary medicine, world traveler, and animal activist in her spare time.

Wolfess's Programs: