The Loudspeaker Radio Network

Our radio network is always streaming and always broadcast commercial-free. We rely on listener support rather than commercial advertising. Support public media and join us today.

Loudspeaker One Ch. 1
Our flagship channel plays new, independent music from established and emerging artists as well as first-run original programming.
ColoRadio Ch. 2
The sights and sounds that make Colorado unique, featuring the best music that our home state has to offer.
Radio Remix Ch. 3
Non-stop shows from Loudspeaker, our friends, and some of the greatest independently-produced programs from around the world.
The Riot Ch. 4
Uplifting the music and stories of LGBTQIA+ artists.
Cafe 80's Ch. 8
Presented By
Audiology Center of Northern Colorado
Celebrating the greatest decade of pop music every day of the year.

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