George Floyd and so many others should still be alive.

Black people have been abused, silenced, enslaved, and senselessly murdered for over 400 years in this country and enough is enough. NoCo FM stands with our Black brothers and sisters, as well as all marginalized people because we understand that no one is free while others are oppressed.

As a NoCo family, we're putting our money where our mouth is and donating to the cause. If you can, you should too. Some groups that need your help are below. If you can't, spread the word. Stand up against injustice. Do your part.

We're also redoubling our efforts to amplify Black voices and to use our platform to fight injustice. We pledge to be the best allies we possibly can and to listen and learn to become better people. No one should have to fight for their basic humanity. Together, we will make a difference.


Split Donations for Bail Funds
Split a donation between 39 community bail funds. Your contribution will be divided evenly between Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh, NorCal Resist Activist Bail & ICE Bond Fund, and 36 other groups.

Black Lives Matter
An ongoing movement to end State-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.

American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU has been at the center of nearly every major civil liberties battle in the U.S. for more than 100 years.

Black Mamas Community Collective
We are a group of everyday women dedicated to an extraordinary movement to save the lives of Black mothers.

Center for Innovation in Race, Teaching, and Curriculum
The mission of the Center for Innovation in Race, Teaching, and Curriculum is to conduct research and professional learning around topics of knowledge and race in a variety of educational spaces including educational policy, teacher practice, and school curriculum. We will work to achieve this mission through our scholarly activities and by working with teachers across the state.

African American Youth Harvest Foundation
We effectually address disparities and ensure low-barrier access to vital educational, economic, and enrichment resources to underserved, at-risk youth and their families on their path to self-sufficiency

Know Your Rights
Colin Kaepernick's fund for the legal defense of arrested protesters.

Black Visions Collective
Black Visions Collective (BLVC) believes in a future where all Black people have autonomy, safety is community-led, and we are in right relationship within our ecosystems.

Campaign Zero
"We can live in a world where the police don't kill people by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability."